4 different types of animation effects, and zoom can be applied to all types of charts.

XML-based design helps designers to make charts independently and enhances reusing of the existing codes.

User-defined datatips, 3 display modes and 2 datatips modes can be set to highlight important information.

Comments can be added to any place in the chart. User-defined Legend in the chart can increase its readability.

Mouse events can be processed by implementing JavaScript, which enables dynamic display of charts.

You can view and edit the chart data and simulate the display of the chart by changing the value in Data Editor.

The theme (or “look-and-feel” or “skin”) allows you to set the design of the chart with a single click.

Displaying patterns (twenty different types of patterns) instead of colors is supported for visually impaired users.

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Line Chart

Line segment, curved line, stepped line, item renderers are supported. You can set the thickness and color of the line. Tooltips and the animation effects can be adjusted.

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