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Powerful and Pure HTML5 / JavaScript Charts

KoolChart offers 90+ types of charts, which have animation, 3D and gradient effects. Beyond the basic offerings, KoolChart provides advanced functions and chart types such as Real-Time Monitoring Charts, Target vs Actual Charts, Slide Charts and Candlestick Charts in a single product package.

Proven performance and reusable layouts

Lazy data processing and separate layout structure reduce the overheads in mobile networks and enhance reusing existing charts.

Ease-of-use and 250+ ready-to-use sample components

XML-based and ease-of-use template design feature and pre-packaged with over 250 ready-to-use sample components, which cuts the initial time, cost and complexity of embedding charts for any applications.

HTML5 Chart Types

The Supported Chart Types of KoolChart Are

HTML5 Chart Features

Elegance, Easy-To-Use, Full Features.