Powerful and Pure HTML5 / JavaScript Data Visualization Solutions !!

Founded in 2008, RiaMore, based in Seoul with branch offices in Toronto and Tokyo, is a leading innovator and publisher of Data Visualization solutions for the connected world. Together with a Flash and Flex based family of existing products, the newest edition of KoolChart built on HTML5 and JavaScript provides users with a consistent and productive experience regardless of computing platform.

Since 2008, RiaMore has been focusing on RIA technologies and developing powerful featured and decent user-interfaced charts, grids and maps solutions.

Canada: 56 Pennsylvania Ave. #9 Concord, ON L4K 3V9 (+1 416-876-7594)

Korea: 611 Knk Digital Tower 220 Youngshinro Youngdeungpo Gu Seoul Korea (+82 2-2655-9767)

Japan: #160-0022 Okada bldg. 4F Shinjuku 1-10-5 Shinjuku Tokyo (+81 3-6457-4775)

Technical Support: support@koolchart.com

Sales Inquiries: sales@koolchart.com

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