Get a fully functional version of KoolChart, KoolGrid and KoolMap.
Then, explore all the ways our Products can simplify the work for Data Visualization.

You can download and use KoolChart, KoolGrid and KoolMap for free for evaluation purposes.
KoolChart version 5.0, KoolGrid version 4.0 and KoolMap version 3.0 are the latest releases and contain
many new features. The user's manual and samples are included in the trials.
Your license to the trial version has limit on the period ( for two months ),
and the watermark will appear on the chart and grid.

KoolChart - Dwonload
KoolChart version 5.0
KoolGrid - Dwonload
KoolGrid version 4.0
KoolMap - Dwonload
KoolMap version 3.0
KoolFileManager - Dwonload
KoolFileManager 1.0
(Free, Open-Source HTML5 File Uploader)