The mouse cursor can be changed to the crosshair type when you mouse over the chart by creating the <CrossRangeZoomer> element tag as a child node of the <annotationElements> element tag ( No <backgroundElements> ).

<NumberFormatter id="numFmt" useThousandsSeparator="true" precision="0"/>
    <CrossRangeZoomer backgroundColor="0xeb494a" borderColor="0xeb494a" enableZooming="false" horizontalLabelFormatter="{numFmt}">
        <Stroke color="0xeb494a">
        <Stroke color="0xeb494a">


backgroundColor The backgroundColor attribute sets the background color of the label box of crosshair.
borderColor The borderColor attribute sets the border color of the label box of crosshair.
enableZooming The enableZooming attribute determines whether or not to use the zoom feature. The default value is "true".

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