The ErrorBar chart represents the error range or a certain range of data that is not sure to be correct in the chart. The average and the standard deviation of the chart data are calculated and based on the calculated values the standard error and the error range are represented in the chart.

The sample demonstrates how to display the error bar on the Column chart.

<Column2DChart ... >
    <Column2DSeries ... showErrorBar="true" errorBarDirection="both" >


showErrorBar The showErrorBar attribute is to indicates whether or not to display the error bar. The default value is false
errorBarDirection The errorBarDirection attribute is to set the direction of the error range. valid values - both, plus, minus.
errorBarStroke The errorBarStroke attribute is to set the error line. - <Stroke ... />
errorBarLength The errorBarLength attribute is to set the length of the error line.
errorBarFixedValue The errorBarFixedValue attribute is to set the fixed value of the error range.
errorBarPercentValue The errorBarPercentValue attribute is to set the value of a percentage of the error range.

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