A Collection of JavaScript Chart Examples Made in KoolChart

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2017 SDG Index Dashboard
Donut charts showing
what the world eats
The charts showing
if the world were 100 people
A line chart with an event function
that shows the change of
the global infant mortality rate
over decades
A matrix chart showing
auspicious days
(In February, 2017 according
to the lunar calendar)
A vertical bar chart
showing the house prices
around the world
A dashboard comparing
two countries
(China vs. United States)
A column chart showing
global internet connection speed
A history chart that represents
the long-term interest rates
of countries
A multiple series line chart
showing the change in
global surface temperature
An interactive dashboard
showing the global gender gap
report 2016
A treemap chart showing
the game revenues
of the top 12 countries
A map chart showing
which country reads the most
A stacked column chart
showing christmas-related injuries
occurring between
November and January
A line chart showing
the top 6 countries dominating
the summer olympics
A bubble chart showing
the life expectancy vs.
GDP per capita
Using A Plot Chart for
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
A tornado chart that
shows elderly poverty rate
(OECD Countries)
Comparing the target and
actual values using KoolChart
A pie chart showing
where all the olympics money goes
A line chart showing levels of carbon pollution (CO2) in the atmosphere over 425,000 years
A tornado chart showing
the race and age data behind
Trump's win
A wordcloud chart that
illustrates the new year's
A bar chart that shows social networking penetration
A map chart showing how to place an animated GIF on the map
A stacked bar chart showing
the composition of digital content
spend in countries
A 3D column chart showing
the success rates of
non-violent and violent protests
A stacked column chart showing
the global market share held
by leading smartphone vendors