Using KoolGrid with Vue.js Single Page Application

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[How to integrate KoolGrid with Vue.js SPA environment] This tutorial is about how to integrate KoolGrid with Vue.js SPA environment. To run KoolGrid in a Vue.js SPA environment, you need to first copy the KoolGrid library and license file into the appropriate directory. In this tutorial, we are going to copy the files into “/koolgrid”… Read more »

KoolGrid for HTML5 v4.0 Release

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In this release, a lot of improvements have been made to the overall grid appearance and style, and features for user-friendliness, pivoting, and editing are greatly enhanced. The following features are new to this release:   OLAP Pivot (Multidimensional View) It is a data processing technique used to provide different views according to various viewpoints… Read more »

KoolChart for HTML5, Version 5.0 Release

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We are very pleased to announce the release of KoolChart for HTML5 v5.0. This release focuses on the interactivity between the chart data and the chart presentation, which is what we have pursued over the last year and a direction of our future development.  We have added several new chart types and useful functions to… Read more »