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[XML Code for Layout]

<KoolChart backgroundColor=”#FFFFFF” borderStyle=”none” fontFamily=”verdana”>

<WordCloudChart showDataTips=”true” dataTipJsFunction=”newYeardataTipFunc”>


<WordCloudSeries textField=”textweightField=”value“>


<SeriesInterpolate duration=”1000″/>







[Data Set]


{“text”:”Lose Weight”, “value”:20.4},
{“text”:”Self Improvements”, “value”:11.3},
{“text”:”Better Financial Decisions”, “value”:7.5},
{“text”:”Quit Smoking”, “value”:6.1},
{“text”:”Do More Exciting Things”, “value”:6.3},
{“text”:”Spend More Time with Family”, “value”:6.2},
{“text”:”Work out More Often”, “value”:5.5},
{“text”:”Learn Something New on My Own”, “value”:5.3},
{“text”:”Do More Good Deeds for Others”, “value”:5.2},
{“text”:”Find the Love of My Life”, “value”:4.3},
{“text”:”Find a Better Job”, “value”:4.1},
{“text”:”Drink Less”, “value”:2.5},
{“text”:”Be Less Stressed”, “value”:2.2},
{“text”:”Get Organized”, “value”:1.8},
{“text”:”Go Back to School”, “value”:2},
{“text”:”Stop Procrastinating”, “value”:1.1},
{“text”:”Learn a New Language”, “value”:1.5},
{“text”:”Spend Less Time on Facebook”, “value”:3},
{“text”:”Run a Half or Full Marathon”, “value”:2.3},
{“text”:”Have a Baby”, “value”:1.4}



Word Coud Chart Demo