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[Highly Flexible KoolChart – Broken-Axis Chart]


Charting tool is the key component in data visualization and dashboards with its long standing history that traditionally depended on either Microsoft® ActiveX or Adobe Flash technologies. However with advent of HTML5 in extending or replacing the current features, it is breaking a new ground in desktop and mobile markets and gearing up for faster and wider adoption in recent years.

Whether in need to view target vs. actual data comparison simultaneously on one single graph or dynamically resize or modify a portion of large data set during view mode in real-time, the HTML5 Canvas based JavaScript solution offered by KoolChart is highly flexible to accommodate most demanding charting requirements.

Directly out of box, the KoolChart solution provides a number of interesting and easy to use features to effortlessly create such charts as historical and broken axis charts. Further included is a special type of real-time charting feature that draws data sets from multiple sources and displays all in one common clean and crisp window. Depending on the needs of user, this single chart can include the ability to compare and show either same or different data sets that have been captured at different time intervals.

The charts unique to KoolChart and together with other useful features are pre-wrapped into a single product packaging with just as little as $490 per license to start. It is one of the best charting solutions for developers that will carry a great return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, KoolChart’s solution extends its capability beyond desktop by bringing user intuitive and powerful features for mobile devices.

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