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We are very pleased to announce the release of KoolChart for HTML5 v5.0. This release focuses on the interactivity between the chart data and the chart presentation, which is what we have pursued over the last year and a direction of our future development.  We have added several new chart types and useful functions to this release, and also changed the basic color set and design to more of a modern fresh style.


Data Interaction Feature

Now, using the interaction feature of KoolChart, you can provide users with notifications about the data that meets certain conditions in the chart data. CSS is used for formatting the notification such as the highlighting or flickering effect, a rolling text banner and an impressive image. Please check the details with our online demo, (Go To Chart Types –> Event)


New Chart Types in Version 5.0


New Features in Version 5.0

  • Label Grouping: Multi-level / Hierarchical / Grouping of axis labels are fully supported in version 5.0. For example, in a monthly chart, you can represent the X-axis with the labels that show the 12 months and their corresponding quarters and the year. (Go To Properties –> Axis Label -> Grouped Label)
  • Displays the series name at the end of the line in the line chart: (Go To Chart Types –> Line -> Series DisplayName)
  • Drags and selects multiple data items (Highlight): (Go To Chart Types –> Column-> Column 2D, and try to drag some columns)
  • Toggles on and off a pie slice (series) by mouse-clicking on the legend item: (Go To Chart Types –> Pie –> Pie 2D)
  • The tooltips moves with mouse more smoothly and the axis-based tooltips has been added: (Go To Properties –> Tooltips)
  • Synchronizes the crosshairs on multiples charts: (Go To Properties –> Multiple Charts -> Crosshair Synchronization)