About Us

We develop component software for RIA(Rich Internet Application)

Since 2008, RiaMore has been focusing on RIA technologies and developing charts, grid and map solutions that offer powerful features and a great user interface. We started with a Flash/Flex-based charting solution in 2009, and have been presenting new and innovative products and their improved versions so far. In 2010, we launched an upgraded version of the charting solution and a Flash/Flex-based grid component product. In 2011, we launched map and gantt charts on the market. At this time, we witnessed the progress of HTML5 technology and realized that there was a serious need to develop a product that does not require plugin installation. That's why we are the first to bring to market a charting product that uses pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-only technologies. We launched the pure JavaScript charting product (KoolChart) based on HTML5 Canvas technology in 2012 and since then we have released plugin-free data grid and map software, KoolGrid and KoolMap. Since these products have been steadily gaining good reputation from our customers, we have been selected as a Rising-Star company by the city of Seoul in 2014. In addition, in 2015, we obtained GS (Good Software) certification from Korea Telecommunications Technology Association.
We know how important data presenting tools are today. Data is more valuable when it is accurately represented and easily understood at a glance by those who use it. So data presenters need to choose software that gives them the ability to represent data exactly what they want to express in a way that is easy enough to use. We always wonder what an intuitive and interactive data representation tool looks like, and we enjoy to constantly improve the products we bring to the world with the belief that our product are the right tools that users choose. We want to be the leading innovator in Data Visualization for the connected world, and believe that our products, KoolChart, KoolGrid and KoolMap are the perfect combination for your data visualization projects in Desktop and Mobile environments. We will continue to make sincere efforts to develop software to help your satisfaction and success.
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